Sunday, January 21, 2007

Grace's Bear

I made this cute little bear today for little Grace, my friends one year old daughter. The idea came from Julia's Bears in Kristen's Colorful Stitchery book. The bear is super cute and an easy afternoon project.
Happy Stitching!


Ellen said...

Dear Paula,
I love your bear and the warmth that she/he shines with. What I also appreciate is reading about the memory of your mother and how she woke you up in the morning. You took me back so many years to my own mother who would come in quietly to my bedroom and sing "Good morning Merry Sunshine, how did you wake so soon? You scared away the little stars, and shined away the moon."
I am so much older than you, but we still all need our mothers, don't we?
I also live in Oregon.
I know that this site is about stitching, but stitching is about life and whom we love and who came before us, and who matters. Thank you for the bear, and to everyone else who participates in a community of people who stitch, remember, and give thanks to those who came before them and perhaps encouraged them to stitch and create, no matter what their choice of expression is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to me to remember my mom in all the little ways that were her. I love that your mom "sang you awake" also! So nice to meet another Oregonian!

Anonymous said...


Kristin said...

What a great looking bear. I love the note from Ellen too! Stitching really does draw generations together.