Friday, January 05, 2007

Butterfly Pillow

This isn't in Kristin's book, but her book was definately a tool of inspiration. I stopped at the store (JoAnn's) to look for fabric and found this linen/cotton remnant and the linen embroidery thread AND a cross stitch freebie pattern book. When I saw the butterfly I knew I could improvise the colors to go on my sofa, and so spent all the travel hours in the auto over Christmas composing and stitching. I did some edge stitching which isn't very visible but it really set it off to have that border.

When it came time to finish, I found some wine colored corduroy to cover the cording (remnant too) and as you can see - it works well on my sofa. Now, I'm already thinking about my next project (and quilting in between)!


Ellen said...

Your pillow is great. I have never done cross stitch. (Excuse me, but I think I would go cross eyed!) Great job. It looks wonderful there in its setting.

Claudia said...

That´s a wonderful job! I love butterflies! And made in cross stitch it´s so delicate and beautiful!!