Friday, January 05, 2007

Felt Tree Ornaments

I finished a set of four tree ornaments this week. The inspiration for this project started with Sunshine's tutorial; I turned to Colorful Stitchery for specific stitch how-to.

Splitting the strands of embroidery floss hadn't occured to me until I read Kristin's text carefully; it made all the difference when I tried to execute small details like adding an '06 to the back of each ornament.

Special mention should be made regarding my capable daughter Sophie, age 6, who executed the angel ornament on her own, over the course of four hours. She was determined to complete the project without my help. I don't know where she gets her independent streak.


Ellen said...

Go Sophie, what a great job you did and I can see where you get your talent. These are wonderful. I love the rich colors!

togbean said...

I love seeing the young ones get into the fiber arts - I'm glad we're folding it all back into being part of strong independant women! Both of you did a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful to BOTH of you and special congrats to Sophie. She did a great job!

Anonymous said...

I really like these! What great homemade gifts they would make. Love Sophie's angel!