Monday, March 26, 2007

Sharing: first practice piece

Colorful Stitchery has been on my shelf for one year! It's about time to get going and make something! Tried a lazy daisy on some scrap fabric and learned that I need practice before starting any "official projects".

This practice piece was quite fun. The fabric is recycled wool that was crock-pot dyed. Stitches practiced are lazy daisy, French knot, and blanket. Maybe patches like this could be used to embellish jeans or a denim jacket.

Spring has sprung, and it's supposed to get up to 70 degrees here in South Dakota today, so thought of flowers in the grass.


kneek said...

I love all the different colors and textures. The idea of creating a colorful patch to use elsewhere is terrific. I have lots of plain canvas totes in constant use that would look super with a patch like that.

Kristin Nicholas said...

Wow - that is great - I love it. I especially loved how you used all the scraps of different yarns. I was embroidering this afternoon while Julia was ailing and it's amazing how little thread you use - the thread you do use gives such a pop to the fabric. And crock pot dyeing - where did you find instructions for that?

SD Betty said...

Thanks so much!

About crock pot dyeing. . . I cut apart and felted some thrift shop off-white wool skirts in the washing machine. Then soaked a few pieces for one dyeing batch in vinegar/water; lightly squeezed out, and put into an old (never to be used for food again) crock pot. Made sure there was a tiny bit of water in the bottom of the crock pot, or there would be dark specks of color in the wool.

Sprinkled on dry commercial wool dye and cooked for 30 minutes on high. Then filled crock pot with boiling water, stirred, and let cook for another 30 minutes. Shut off crock pot and left until cool.

Then rinsed out wool, spun out in machine (can roll in towels)and hung to dry.

This summer I may dry painting on the recycled wool, rolling in plastic wrap, and then setting dye in an old (never to be for food again) microwave.

Lots of possibilities! Am sure this could be done safely with Kool Aid. And Easter is coming- Easter egg dye will work on wool also.

kate said...

SDbetty- wonderful piece!!! Lovely! You are so creative- thanks for sharing- and about crock pot dyeing....better than cooking! Glad to meet you here!

Jan-Knit said...

What a great little sampler!

Amy said...

It looks like a mossy rock covered with flowers..I like it!!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love your practice fun is that..