Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blogger Upgrade - Trouble Happens!

Hi Everyone! Last weekend, I finally switched my blog account to the new blogger. I had avoided this knowing it was going to make more work for me. And yes it did entail a few hours of fussing around. I always avoid upgrades on software because of this!

Anyway, the Colorful Stitchery Stitchalong also got automatically upgraded as some of you have noticed. I think the new blogger is great because there are some fun features (Labels especially) and it seems to be a little easier to work. But some nasty stuff happened too!

The list of contributor's has shrunk to a miniscule amount. I am stumped as to why because on my administration list, it is still long and everyone who joined is still listed.

When you change to the new blogger, you have to sign in with a google account (yes, I had to make a new account and now have a new password). It looks like all of the "new contributors" are those who have switched to the new blogger. But if you haven't upgraded yet, your name isn't listed.

So, please don't think that I took your name off the list.

Can I ask a favor though - can someone try posting (if you know you are a member but not listed) and see what happens. Then let me know.

Thanks for understanding - isn't technology wonderful?


Chef Messy said...

I think everyone has to be upgraded to the new blogger to show up as a contributor. I wasn't there before, but when I switched over to the new version, I got put back.

lucy said...

The same thing happened with me. I went to sign in and had to upgrade to the New Blogger, and there I am, on the list again!

Laurie said...

I've been trying to join, but keep getting an error message. :-(

Diane H K in Greenfield said...

New Blogger doesn't allow me to upgrade with my old Mac and older version of Internet Explorer. Sigh. I guess I won't be showing up again in the contributors list...