Thursday, January 31, 2008

Before I start...

I've been gathering materials together and I'm just about ready, but I have a question that is looking for opinions...

Should I sew in hems and casing first or wait until the pattern is embroidered? I don't think the stitching will cross into the hems... In fact I'm thinking that instead of stitching I'm going to applique the dark red outline band.

What are thoughts?

Oh, here's a picture to remind you...

Also... I took a short workshop in tatting this past Fall and I'm going to mix in some tatted flowers with the embroidered ones around the dark blue areas. I've the perfect color thread!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Michele's Pillow

I got a lovely note from Michele in South Carolina along with a photo of her beautiful pillow inspired by my book Colorful Stitchery. Isn't it beautifully stitched?

You can read more about her project on her blog Calico Daisy.

Thanks for sending the photo Michele!